ETA have over the last 3 years completed several tours both in Asia and Europe and have found not everyone is suited to travelling in groups even though they may think they might be.

So this is our pointers for you to know if you are or not suited to group travel, this is not a test, you don’t need to tell anybody, this is just for you to honestly work out for yourself if you are suited for this or not as if not you would not enjoy your adventure and also everyone else going in the group and they will normally complain not to “nice” you but the “incompetent” tour organiser (me ;-)) who brought you along.


  • Do you genuinely enjoy other people’s company? (If not don’t force yourself to find out the hard way, go on a short local holiday not with close friends or family but just people you don’t know that well generally and check it out for yourself)
  • Are you able to tolerate the following: differences of opinions, chaos, heat, dust, sweaty/smelly people (or sweaty/smelly yourself), slow pace of life, bureaucracy/officialdom, constant movement, people invading your space, nosy people, languages you don’t understand, foreigners and their strange customs, unusual food? (If no to any of these, it may not be a good idea for you to go with groups)
  • If you are a smoker – are you able to not smoke when you are with the group (but find a place to smoke away from the group when you feel the need)? Also if you are a non smoker (Ken is) are you able to just tolerate another person as long as they keep out of your way with their smoke? In our club we won’t discriminate against smokers or non smokers but we insist both parties respect each other and mind other people’s comfort as well as your own.
  • Do you have any serious allergies ie to nuts, wheat or anything else, we don’t mean mild discomfort we mean you might have a shock and end up on the floor unconscious? (If so group travel may not be a good idea for you)
  • Do you have serious physical problems such as knee problems, back problems, arthritis which flares up when you are mobile or climbing or stationery in one place for a while and stops you from enjoying life so that you have to stop the activity and go home to recover? If you are not able to tolerate the pain in UK you certainly won’t be on tour in an exotic country.