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Hi, I’m Ken – and I came up with the idea of Exotic Travels & Adventures because I went on many fantastic trips on my own for some time – and while I took great photos and videos when I was there, I found that later on when I shared those with people in my life, the experience was very different.

I remember the experience perfectly, but all they have is a concept of it which never ever can match my experience.

It occurred to me that when I’d been on similar tours to various places with friends, the experience was very different – it still lives with us like it is happening now.

This is what I would like you and your friends to experience. It is really magical. These trips are magical (even if you come with us on your own, you will meet really fantastic people with whom you can share and reminisce with later.)

Ken Hettiarachi

Ken Hettiarachi

ETA Founder

About ETA

Exotic Travels & Adventures is a not-for-profit travel club based in the UK. It’s objective is to bring people together who have a passion for travel, organising annual tours and reducing the cost of travel through group discounts. Read more about ETA here.

Sri Lanka 2016

ETA’s next tour, taking place in March 2016, is an exotic tour of Sri Lanka.

See our full itinerary for more information.

Future Tours

Planning is already underway for a safari tour of Kenya in late 2015, and a tour of Sri Lanka in 2016 – see our News section for more information.

Contact Us

Exotic Travels and Adventures is organised by Ken Hettiarachi, who personally takes part in every tour. To get in contact with Ken, please see our Contact page.