Land's End

St. Austell

Cornwall Tour 2016

“From the height of the land where I stood one could guess at the great cliffs which fell away to the shore, and away beyond the land’s farthest edge, small in the distance, I could see the jut of towers. The castle of Tintagel, stronghold of the Dukes of Cornwall… from this remote and sea-locked fortress would come the King who alone could clear Britain of her enemies, and give her time to find herself; who alone, in the wake of Ambrosius and the last of the Romans, would hold back the fresh tides of the Saxon Terror, and, for a breathing space at least, keep Britain whole.”
Merlin describing Cornwall in Mary Stewart’s epic novel Hollow Hill.

Welcome to our epic tour of Cornwall

We’ll be camping and touring the length and breadth of Cornwall in search of history, culture, the landscape, people and wildlife on an epic journey of discovery and shared adventure.

We’ll be walking, hiking, visiting ancient ruins, mines, castles, amphitheatres and swimming, surfing and kite surfing. We’ll be visiting awesome man made wonders of nature and also taking in nature, rugged coastlines and green and undulating moors. We’ll be camping in some spectacular camping sites, which costs next to nothing. We’ll be eating some of the finest Cornish food and do our own bar-b-qs and take in a fantastic play in a fantastic theatre at the edge of a cliff while we’re at it.

The tour takes place in half term. We now have 7 people need 3 more urgently. Ideal for a small family of 3 or a group of 3 friends.

Day 1 – Friday 22nd July
London to Boscastle, camp in Boscastle, Lower Pennycrocker Farm in a green field next to the blue Atlantic Ocean where a spectacular sunset and a dawn will await you.

Day 2 – Saturday 23rd July
Boscastle – Wake up, have coffee and drive to the picturesque town of Clovelly, have breakfast and take a walking tour of amazing landscaped houses and colourful facades, drive to Tintagel Castle and take the tour of King Arthur’s castle and the hills, come down and have a late lunch and drive back to Boscastle, visit the Witches museum and do a late afternoon walk around the town, behind the harbour and upto the hill which has a ruins of an old church at the top, come down and have dinner at the Cobwebs In, a fab old pub and restaurant and go back to camp site to sleep.

Day 3 – Sunday 24th July
Drive to Perranporth, a beautiful beach less of a cram than Newquay, we can also surf/swim and do Kite surfing there if any of you fancy that and walk the cliffs etc in between lunch and late afternoon. Later, we’ll check into Perranporth YHA which is situated at the top of a cliff giving magnificent viewing (we’ll need to book this really quickly or it will sell out), the hostel is self catering so if everyone likes it we can get food in town and make dinner in the kitchen or go down to the town to find a suitable eatery, which we can also do.

Day 4 – Monday 25th July
have breakfast and drive to Lands End, visit Minak Theatre, which is an ancient amphitheatre with seating craved onto the rock overlooking the sea and the stage in front of the walls of the cliff beyond with lies the tumbling precipice and the sea below, used by Romans, now restored and still in use today. Then visit Chysauster Ancient Village, which is a 2000 year old Iron Age settlement archaeological site and visit Geevor Tin mines, one of the largest preserved tin mining sites going back to Roman times. Then go to our next camp site – Sea View Holiday park! Says what it is on the tin and set up tents and, we’ll go back to Minak Theatre to see the famous Ealing comedy “Titfield Thunderbolt” at 8pm (to 10.30pm), have supper in town afterwards and come back to the camping site to sleep.

Day 5 – Tuesday 26th July
Wake up and have breakfast and drive to St Austell and visit the lost gardens of Heligan (Twenty-five years ago, Heligan’s historic gardens were unknown and unseen; lost under a tangle of weeds. It was only the chance discovery of a door in the ruins that led to the restoration of this once great estate. Today, the Lost Gardens have been put back where they belong: in pride of place among the finest gardens in Cornwall)
and the Eden project which if you don’t know is a fantastic botanical marvel it is the most visited visitor attraction in UK. We will get a combined ticket for both attractions for £33.75 each so we can do both and spend the day exploring those two attractions as we will need that time. Afterwards we’ll drive straight to Mena Camping and Caravan site in Bodmin Moors and set up camp.

Day 6 – Wednesday 27th July
After breakfast go on a hike stopping for lunch at Bodmin Jail (in case any of you have been naughty), but seriously it is was built for Kings Geroge iii in 1779 and has a fantastic museum. Then continue our hike to experience the nature, wildlife and beauty of this amazing landscape. Come back to our camp site exhausted and fulfilled.

Day 7 – Thursday 28th July
After breakfast, we’ll decamp and start our drive back to London but head to Stonehenge for Lunch. We’ll end our tour in London with dinner, before spreading away.

Adults: £265.40 with £15 refundable after the tour(camping equipment hire),
Children: £225.40 again £15 refundable after the tour. Students with concessions £240.40 also £15 refundable after the tour.

These prices include: travel, accommodation and access to all attractions and events in the itinerary, if you are disabled, and were unable to get access to attractions mentioned we will adjust your costs to take those costs off above prices.

These prices exclude: food and drinks and any personal items and wetsuit/surf board or sand surfing equipment hire or lessons.


Key Tour Facts

  • 7 Day tour around Cornwall
  • 22nd – 28th July 2016
  • Visiting Boscastle, Perranporth, Land’s End, St. Austell and Stonehenge
  • Tour details here